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FUUT-A comfortable solution for your feet when working

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When you got a load of work to do, being stuck on a chair in front of a computer, your legs suffer the most. The sitting position, with the knees bent, has a detrimental effect on blood and lymph flow. So no wonder we feel our legs almost numb when standing up after several hours of work at a desk. But why don’t you sit comfortably, with your legs stretched, when working? How can you do that while sitting at a desk or table as well? The Fuut is exactly what you need, a specially designed hammock for your legs, which can be secured to the edges of the table, allowing you to spread your legs underneath.

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The Fuut hammock is more than just a device meant to make your time while working more comfortable because it can also help people that suffer from lymphedema, or order similar health issues. The flow of the blood and lymph is not obstructed anymore and can continue its regular path since the legs are straight. There is no need to be disappointed anymore when you know you have a lot of work to do because the entire process just became easier and pleasant. It is incredibly easy to install, taking you just a few second to put it on your table’s ends. Still, do have in mind that you need a table or desk with open ends to be able to use this hammock. Besides this, there are no other impediments to using the Fuut, so enjoy.

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