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G & F CUTShield Classic Kitchen Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves

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G & F CUTShield Classic Kitchen Cut Resistant Gloves do exactly as advertised and solve a serious problem – they protect your hands against cuts when preparing food. Preparing food for dinner involves a plenty of chopping and cutting and requires you to work with sharp objects such as slicers and knives. It is so easy to get cut during this process. There are many who dread cooking for this reason.

These cut resistant gloves are designed to prevent just that. They are made from the extremely tough CutSHIELD FoodGrade Fiber, which has been declared as “food contact safe”, which means it is fully compliant with the FDA’s standards for objects that come into contact with food. This special fiber has passed the SGS test as well, and is considered to be perfectly safe to be used in the kitchen for food preparation.Slash Resistant Gloves, Food Contact Safe, Grey, Size Medium Size2L

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These gloves are particularly beneficial to those who use the Mandoline. It is routine for Mandolin players to get a lot of cuts because of inadequate protection. Wearing these special cut resistant gloves would protect them against all sorts of cuts and ensures that they can instead focus on their performance with the Mandoline.

The high performance G & F CUTShield Classic gloves have an ergonomically sound palm design. They are large in size and can fit almost all hands easily. They are extremely comfortable and are very lightweight indeed. They are flexible and provide the highest level of touch sensitivity needed for a perfect grip and accuracy.

These top-rated gloves enjoy a High Level Cut rating and have a CE EN388 Testing Standard certification. They are machine washable, but it is important that you should not iron them.


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