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Get Shit Done Funny Magnetic Notepad

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We all have lazy, sleepy and sluggish days in which we do not want to do anything except to stay in bed or couch and do nothing. In those days we all think if there could be one to keep us motivated and keep reminding us to gather all the crap up and to take our bump back to work!

Well, Get Shit Done Funny Magnetic Notepad does that work for you.


The attention grabber:

It is the coolest stuff you would ever put on your fridge. With its unique, authoritative tone, and the slang name,  it will not let your eyes and mind wander to something else. But to stay focus on what to do first.


The parents can put this cool magnetic notepad for their children. By wife for her husband to constantly remind about groceries and stuff or vise versa. So you bet, it will be the best topic of discussion among your family and friends.

Simple yet complex:

Things can be serious if your task it not completed on time. This cool and hilarious Notepad saves you from future embarrassments.

Size and durability:

It has 50 sheets 4 inches wide and 9 inches tall. It has strong magnetic strips on its back so that it stays where ever you put it. Your refrigerator loves its company and humor; it will not let it fall or go away.  Also, the motivating caption is printed on top with black, and it will keep reminding you to work on your task first and foremost.

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