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Glitch Playing Cards

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People who play a lot of card games most likely have accumulated a large collection of the different types you can buy. One unique idea has been produced by the United States Playing Card Company, and actually looks like the old 3D printed graphics you used to see in the 60s and 70s, that required the use of 3D glasses.

Each deck of cards has the same suits as a regular deck of cards, but with a difference. Not only do these cards have intricate graphics on them, but they’re created with a 3D printed effect on both sides.

These Glitch cards originally were announced in 2014 on Kickstarter.

check out for $14.95


Soleil Zumbrunn is the designer of these cards and others. They’re intentionally misprinted, and other card packs in her line also represent digital malfunction, much like we talk about glitches in computer programming that can cause malfunctions while we’re trying to use software. Her first Kickstarter was so successful that she has followed up with two more packs, and more in the design stages.

If you’ve ever read those free newspapers that you can pick up from the bus stop, you’ll often notice how the color graphics don’t quite line up. This is from failing to align the plates at the printing stage. Most just accept it as the limits of newspaper print.

But in playing cards, seeing these “glitches” is kind of cool. You can pick up these playing cards for around $14. As to whether they actually work with a 3D pair of glasses, you’ll have to buy them and find out for yourself.


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