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Global Warming Mug

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lobal warming is one of the greatest problems humanity currently faces and with this mug you will be reminded of the significance of this issue. At the same time, you will warn the people around you too. There is no doubt that this mug is an excellent gift too.

You can rarely find cool things like this mug that are practical and useful and have the ability to raise awareness of the importance of ecology at the same time. The mug is featuring a detailed world map. Whenever you pour some hot beverage in the mug, the coastlines will disappear. This is exactly what global warming effects look like. Unfortunately, ecosystems around the world are in danger because of the pollution we create. The rising sea levels can ruin many areas around the globe.

Another cool thing about this mug is the precise depiction of the world. All the continents are found on the mug and even some of the islands too. It gives a precise geographical representation of our planet. The mug is made of ceramic which means that it is quite durable and you can freely pour very hot beverages in it.  With a capacity of about ten ounces you can keep any drink you want in it. It is also good to know that it comes with a standard 3 ¼ inches diameter.

Buy this mug and make more people aware of the negative effects of global warming. Even the Global Warming deniers will love it!

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