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Great New Pet Carrier Available Now!

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Do you do a lot of traveling with your furry friends, and you hate to put them in those hard plastic pet carriers? Well now, you can avoid that by using the U-Pet Bubble pet carrier. This handy little things comes in a variety of different colors, everything from yellow to bright pink, and will allow your pet to see outside of the pet carrier from a tiny little bubble window.

U-pet Innovative Patent Bubble Pet Carriers

The great thing about the bubble carrier is that it comes in a variety of different styles, making it even easier for you to get around with your pet. You can find one that is on wheels, which would be great for airport travel, or places that you need to walk a long ways. There are some that go over the shoulder like a purse, which is great for those tiny dogs that you want to carry with you all the time.

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Each model comes with mesh sides and plenty of ventilation so your furry little friend can enjoy their trip in comfort and style, all while having the proper oxygen flow to their carrier. They even have built in leashes and bedding you can take out to wash when you need to. This is a great new way to carry your pets around with you when you need it.

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