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Gummy Candy Maker

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Do you still have that urge for candy when you see it in the store near your house? Does your inner child come to life, when you see the cotton candy man rolling that sweet and fluffy cotton around a stick? We have just what you need to satisfy your late night craving for candy, when not even a single candy store is open – Gummy Candy Maker by Smart Planet! Innovation, creativity and a sweet-tooth is what has been combined to give shape to this user-friendly gummy candy maker. This gadget is one of the cool stuff you can place in your kitchen, and is extremely easy and fun to use.

This candy maker by Smart Planer comes with silicone molds, which helps you in creating your favorite candy, in the shape of gummy bears, worms and fish. The silicone molds are microwaveable and can help you create your favorite candy – in a matter of minutes. You just need to buy gelatin from any store nearby and voila; create gummy bear or worm candy at home. The non-stick surface of these silicone molds make it easier for you to clean and use again. This candy maker is one of the cool things which can save you a lot of money you spend on candies for your children; and sometimes for yourself! The kit includes 4 silicone mold trays and one large gummy bear mold, with a candy bowl as well.

So, are you thinking about buying candy for a family barbeque? Get Gummy Candy Maker today and surprise the kids with home-made candy!

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