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H2O Ninja Mask

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H2O Ninja Mask

This mask works in a way that, as long as the snorkel (yellow part) is above water surface, your breathing will be natural, as is on ground. You need to take deep breath before going under water. Depending on how long you can hold breathe, stay under water and start breathing normally once the snorkel is above water surface. As it has dry top technology, water does not seep when completely submerged. This mask is not meant for free diving or spearfishing. The H2O Ninja Mask does not hold any air. The H2O Ninja Mask has a modern air transport framework. When the snorkel is submerged, the Dry Top framework initiates and closes any air or water from entering.

The H2O Ninja Mask’s full-face configuration has many advanced features over a conventional snorkelling mask. The mask has the following features:

  • Clients can inhale utilizing both nose and mouth while they are under water. This is the thing that our bodies are adapted to do on dry land only.
  • Takes out the need to put the mouthpiece specifically in the mouth.
  • Expands the view edge up to 180 degrees.
  • Radically decreases fogging in comparison with an ordinary snorkelling mask.
  • Dry Top technology prevents water from going into the mask through the snorkel.
  • Built in security valves, if there should arise an occurrence of water getting into the mask.
  • As a consequence of a natural breathing activity, individuals utilizing the H2O Ninja Mask® reported up to a half increment in snorkelling time contrasted with a standard snorkel.

Please note that the H2O Ninja Mask is not made for diving. The pressure sensitive mechanism does not work in a vertical position.

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