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Halloween Scary Peeping Tom True To Life Window Prop

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Good old Halloween is on its way and you are out of ideas on how to scare your friends? Well, Peeping Tom True to Life is to the rescue. This scary prop will surely creep out your friends and loved ones and would make this Halloween a lot more entertaining for you. The prop is manufactured to depict a real person as close as possible. With the exaggerated features and startling real-like eyes, the prop distinguishes itself from its competitors. It depicts reality and your worst nightmares, a creepy guy staring right at you through your window. Jeez, it sends shivers down the spine.

The features and size of the prop is comparable to a real man and hence offers more impact as well. The Peeping Tom True To Life can easily be installed onto the windows without much hassle therefore is very convenient to use. Also, the prop size isn’t too large that’s why you can keep the prop safely in your closet and take it out when you are ready to scare again.

Yes, Peeping Tom isn’t just for Halloween use but can be used for displays of haunted houses and parties as well. Utilizing such an impressive prop depends a lot on your creativity as well. Therefore let those eerily deep eyes of Peeping Tom make you stand out this Halloween and give your friends the best scares of their lifetime.

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