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Handmade Carved Candle: The Perfect Gift

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This unique and baroque candle is hand carved by a talented artist which is why it is nothing less than a masterpiece. Taking inspiration from the 16th century candle makers, the artist has recreated an intricate design on the waxen candle using a complicated technique.

The candle is 6.7 inches or 17 cm in height and weighs only 1.3 pounds which is roughly 700 grams. It can be lighted to set a romantic mood on a peaceful night or used as a decorative item. The estimated total burning time for the candle is 80 hours. The candle is truly a piece of art and when its lighted, the beauty is increased by ten-folds. The soft lighting bounces of its many curves and fills the entire room with playful shadows.

The artist dips the candle into a vat of colored liquid paraffin to make it more attractive. After it has hardened the candle is carved to create a fascinating design. Here the artist unleashes the majority of his imagination to create shapes and lines and bring them together in a totally elegant design. After all this is done a layer of lacquer is applied on top to give the design a shiny appearance. The acrylic also protects the candle from hot and cold temperatures and prevents the accumulation of dust.

This wonderful candle is the perfect gift for your mother, brother, sister, husband, girlfriend or anyone who appreciates the true form of art. It can be placed in any room of the house as it goes well with all types of interiors.

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