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Heavy Duty Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

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Traveling long distances in a car may be really exhausting, there are no doubts about it. Sometimes, we are too adjusted to a budget that we cannot simply spend money in accommodation or sometimes we don’t have time for it.

If you want to rest in the middle of the road, or your family want to take a snap the new heavy duty car travel inflatable mattress is the best way to achieve it.

This mattress is your perfect ally during your trips, it doesn’t matter how far you’re planning to go you’ll sleep as a king.

The durability of this mattress is incredible, it can handle even the most extensive trip just fine and it comes with its own repair pads and glue kits to prevent your mattress from deflating.

Comfortableness is the element in which the engineers of this product put all their attention. You can sleep really comfortable during all night and it also comes with an electric air pump to make your life even easier.

At the end of the day, you only want to relax and get some sleep, this mattress inflates itself using a pump, you only have to lay on it and that’s it.

This product was created to revolution the definition of traveling in a car.

check out for $69.99

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