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HEX3 AppTag Laser Blaster

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For only 26.99 and free shipping, the HEX3 AppTag Laser Blaster can be yours. It can be used with Android devices, iPhones and iPods.

You will receive two AppTag Laser Blasters for this low price making the video gaming experience more life-like by incorporating a partner into the action. There are two free available HEX3 apps for multiplayer and single player now in the Android and Apple app stores for this very same purpose which you can easily find just by typing in ‘AppTag’ into the search.

It has an easy setup enabling communication with the connecting devices without the need for a Wi-Fi setup or Bluetooth for it to work. This is achieved using a high-frequency sound which is not bothersome to both humans and animals.

One of the coolest thing about it is that the speaker and the microphone jack can be used for walkie talkie communication in the game and for sound effects seeing as the headphone jack is not in use.

There is no need to remove the case being that the AppTag clamp can work with almost any case and any device. You will find that even a large battery case can fit. You will be able to use the pistol grip out of the box and clamp the AppTag on to a majority of Buzzbee TM and NerfTM blasters, as a matter of fact, any toy gun that has an accessory rail. The rubberized trigger is sturdy and has several adhesive clips and wire included for attachment to an existing gun- this does not include iPod or Smartphone.

check out for $28.99

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