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Hidden door hinge system

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If you’ve ever thought of having a secret door hinge system in your house, then this is it. This is an aluminum door that can be installed anywhere in the house. It is an easy install door so you will have no problems getting someone to fix it for you. The door system has a bookshelf to disguise the hidden passage. It is an inswing out swing door system that acts as a secret door when installed. It creates a door that is 24”-36” doorway with a book shelf. It holds up to 250 Lbs, and it is made in the USA.

The door weighs only 1.9 pounds, and it comes in a brown color. It comes with instructions included and it is simple to build and install. The door provides a completely concealed doorway system and has a lifetime warranty.  This is a lightweight door that is light enough to be supported on a wall made with any material. If you’ve ever wanted to have a secret room in your house, this is the door you should buy. It will hide your room from everyone’s eyes disguising itself as a bookshelf only. Nobody will even suspect it’s not a bookshelf unless you tell them.

check out for $139.95

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