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Honeycomb Shelves

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If you are looking forward to some cool stuff to decorate your room with then make sure to check out the wooden honeycomb shelves in pine wood. Hexagons are a totally “in thing” when it comes to modern day designing and well finished honeycomb shelves are sure to make the look of your room. You can now order a Hasse Handcraft honeycomb wooden bookshelves in pine wood, walnut hardwood and birch hardwood with a stain of your choice. Store your treasured books and goodies in style by getting yourself a hexagonal shelf in ebony stain or natural stain. Those of you trying to find cool things to hang on your wall should definitely take a look at the stylish honeycomb shelves available on

The hexagonal shelves can easily be put together to create loads of interesting arrangements which would go perfectly with the decor of your room. No matter if you want to display your favourite cologne, a small orchid, a table clock, a showpiece from your childhood days or just a few of your favourite novels- they are sure to look good in a well designed honeycomb shelf. The carefully handcrafted hexagonal shelves by Hasse Handcraft come in 4 wood options. Moreover you can also choose from loads of painting and stain options and find out one which works best for your room. The honeycomb shelves are 12’’ long, 14’’ wide and 6’’ deep.  The keyhole cuts in the back ensure that none of the hardware is visible when you hang them on your wall.

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