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Hops Holster 12-Can Ammo Pack

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If you’re a tailgater or a camper, this Hops Holster 12-Can Ammo Pack holder is an ideal tool to have. This one is worn over the neck, and secures at the waist. You can load your cans of pop or beer into each of the 12 compartments. You can bring beer to share with everyone, or you can just load up and drink them one by one. This is the idea accessory if you’re at a sporting event and want to keep your hands free.

The Hops Holster is camouflage in design which makes it a great conversation piece. It’s perfect for any party, camping trip or tailgating adventure you go on. What you’ll love about the design is that it is adjustable. The waist belt secures to hold your drinks in place. It can be adjusted from 28-inches up to 42-inches.

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Each one of the holders is insulated, so you can easily keep your cans in a cold cooler or fridge and then transfer them to the ammo pack holster. They’ll be kept cold until you need them! This is one of the novelty products that you’ll love bringing with you to any get-together. Plus you can gear up and you won’t have to keep running back and forth to the cooler for your next drink.

Be ready for your friends and family to ask you where you got the Hops Holster. They likely will want their own when they realize how convenient it makes any outing event. Test it out yourself and you likely will make it a point to take it with you on every trip you go on!

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