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The new LED Handheld Shower from HotelSpa offers an unforgettable experience when it comes to taking your next shower. Easy to install and loaded with the latest technical features, the HotelSpa LED Handheld shower is lightweight, durable, and provides different settings to create the shower that you want.

LED Technology

The five separate settings allow you to choose the type of shower that you want to take. A click of the button allows you to select from the following;

  • Power Rain
  • Hydrating Mist
  • Pulsating Massage
  • Economy Rain: Saves on Water
  • Pause
  • HotelSpa® Neon 7-Setting Chrome Face LED Handheld Shower-Head with Color e2

check out for $39.99

Each setting across the ample 4.25” space lets you choose the type of shower you want to enjoy all thanks to the LED indicator lights. The LCD display lets you set the zone in which you want to take the shower from the Precision SpiralFlo Dial w/Rub Clean Jets that soothe and change thanks to the click-action lever.

Plus, the changing LED lights let you know the temperature of the water for the right setting;

  • Blue: Under 95F (Cool)
  • Green: 95F to 108F (Warm)
  • Red: 109F to 122F (Hot)
  • Flashing Red: Over 122F (Too Hot)

This amazing shower combines the latest technology that is powered by the flow of water itself to provide you with an experience you’ll savor each and every time you enter the shower. It connects in minutes all without tools and comes with a one year limited warranty.

If you want the best handheld or overhead shower with massage action, separate settings, and LED indicators, then the HotelSpa LED Handheld Shower is the one for you!


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