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HUD Multi-color Screen Head Up Display

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Most of the time, there is news about the brake down of vehicles when travelling because of poor car display function which had resulted in many accidents.

Thankfully, vehicle mounted head-up display with 5.5 inches large screen with display color that make it easy for drivers either with eyes problem or not to be able to read the display without stressing themselves’

This vehicle mounted head-up display has automatic adaption models which makes it easier for the screen to be read and it mostly works for OBD II or EUOBD car product. This HUD also has an inbuilt technology known as nano-technology which reduces or eliminated sun reflection.

Also, this HU Display has quality features such as fuel consumption, engine speed, speed, battery voltage, mileage measurement, apart from these above – listed functions, it also performs some extra-function such as fatigue driving reminding, high-temperature alarm, fault code elimination, low voltage alarm, speed alarm, etc

HUD has proved to be the best car display because it is connected to the power of the car that makes it auto-power on and off as the car kick-start or stop.

Information on this HUD are display clearly and sharp, it makes use of normal code that most people is familiar with and not that product that will employ some new code, so this display doesn’t pose any difficulties in understanding how it works.

A8 Hud Head Up Display with2_

check out for $54.99

More so, it has automatic, and manual power on and off, brightness adjustment mode, effective protection of the car battery without affecting the manual switch mode but will always retail the switch manual mode.

HUD are easy to control and shipped when order is placed without delay



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