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InstaFire Eco-Friendly Granulated Single-Use Fire Starter Pouch

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Have you ever found yourself in the wilderness, consistently trying to start a fire but without success? Now, you don’t have to experience such issue with the InstaFire, an eco-friendly, granulated, single-use fire starter pouch. This fire starter pouch is a phenomenal choice when it comes to starting the campfires, outdoor fire pits, wood-burning stoves and even indoor fireplaces, as such product applies to just about any situation which seeks a proper fire starting. In addition to its efficiency, InstaFire doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, volcanic rock, paraffin wax or wood pellets which are nowadays unnecessary and toxic.

InstaFire Eco-Friendly Granulated Single-Use Fire Starter Pouch2

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In fact, InstaFire will be sufficient for up to the four fire starts and it can be used in any weather condition, including rain, wind or snow. The use of InstaFire is rather simple: just place it under the wood, light the fire starter and enjoy the coziness which a camp fire brings to you, for the ultimate joy of wilderness camping. Thanks to its thousand-degree fire, you will be able to put wet wood on fire. Since InstaFire is eco-friendly, you can use the ash as the natural fertilizes and help the plants growing.

You can keep it indoors or even outdoors and because it’s not toxic, you can place it anywhere in your house as it won’t contaminate anything. An amazing 30-year shelf-life guarantees that you will always have InstaFire by your side, for absolutely any occasion. Be sure to order this simple, safe and versatile U.S.A.-made product and enjoy the fire for both your outdoor and indoor activities.

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