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Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow by SleepBetter

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Do you want to improve your quality of sleep? The Iso Cool memory foam pillow is just what you need. With built in features of Outlast Adaptive comport material and Microscopic Phase Change Material (PCM) the pillow is able to sense the body’s temperature and change it accordingly based on whether you are too warm or too cool. The pillow will either absorb heat to make the pillow feel cooler, thus making you feel cooler! On the other hand if your body temperature is too cool, it will produce heat to make you feel warmer. This is turn means no more tossing and turning, trying to sleep; with this clever pillow you will be able to relax and sleep well without feeling uncomfortable.

SleepBetter wants you to have the best night sleep possible and with high concentrations of PCM’s in the pillow, this makes for a high quality pillow that is effective and works in accordance with your preference and requirements. The Iso Cool pillow has two grandeur fills measures spiral spin polyester and also visco elastic foam, which enhances the quality of the overall product and allows for a  better night’s sleep. The Iso Cool pillow is also memory foam, which allows for a soft but firm pillow that is comfortable and supportive for the neck and back when sleeping.

We believe that sleep is important for everyone and we aim to help you with your quality of sleep by changing the way you sleep to benefit you and allow you to improve your quality of sleep.

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