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It’s dark: here is a light sword for you

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Here comes a product that shifts our mindset from conservative living to exciting future existence. This cool stuff is simply a work of genius. It may have the blue on its name but the choices of color that a user gets to choose from are as diverse as the rainb
ow. Just by pressing the light button, you are exposed to a wide spectrum of colors, you stop when your color comes. The choice of colors reduces when the battery power is going down. This should be a good indicator that it is time to replace them.

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You now have an excuse to walk outside at night just because you can. In the dark, holding the this cool thing appears as though someone is a holding a sword. It is really cool that you can now walk in the dark and motorists will have an easy time knowing that you are there. Gone are the days when you struggled to find bright clothing to wear in the dark so that you can be visible to other road users. Helping you to be seen in                             the dark is a very major safety component of this cool  Lighted Umbrella.

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