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Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker

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Undoubtedly, the outside environment poses a lot of risk to the speakers. If you decide to use general speakers, you will have to protect them well against its worst enemy that is water. With the Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker, you have access to enjoy your favorite music, or tunes from any mobile device, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices while enjoying in the river, shower, or in the pool. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows your smartphones to remain dry and secure while you enjoy the water and listen to good music. This speaker comes with 6AA batteries and brings out 5 watts of crystal-clear music.

The Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker ensures that you gain maximum sound output in every outdoor environment. Whether you are going to have a beach party or poolside party, these speakers will surely keep up your enthusiasm. If you want your music to swim with you, then buying an Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker is a good idea. These waterproof speakers are wireless. The speakers are always 35% above the water at all times. Due to its Bluetooth connect function; you will not have to waste any time in the installation of the speakers.


  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled device
  • Has a new floating design
  • 6AA batteries power this speaker
  • Has a floatation device keeps the ball 35% above the water at all times
  • Comes with waterproof seals, to always keeps the enclosure dry
  • Super Cool Blue Mood Lighting

check out for $79.99

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