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Kingii Lightweight Wearable Portable Recreational Water Buoyancy Aid Device

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Will you like to swim even though you are not competent enough? Are you in search of a device that can keep you afloat while swimming? The Kingii Water Buoyancy Aid Device is a life saver that can keep you afloat on water while you enjoy your swimming activity.

Kingii is a lightweight equipment that is also easy to use. The Kingii Water Buoyancy Aid Device features a lever, CO2 cartridge, and orange balls. In case you require help staying afloat, all you need to do is to pull the lever. This will pierce the internal CO2 cartridge, inflating the bright orange bag in seconds.

On inflating the Kingii orange bag, you will be pulled to the surface. Hence, you can either swim to safety or call for assistance. There is also a whistle attached to alert nearby help in case of emergency. Once you are done, deflate the balloon, carefully fold it, and place it into the pouch.

Replace the CO2 cylinder cautiously, and the Kingii is ready to be used again. The Kingii Water Buoyancy Aid Device is comfortable to wear, providing an extra level of safety for any water activity.

The Kingii Water Buoyancy Aid Device is made using high-quality materials. Nothing is too much to ensure the safety of your loved ones. In case you have someone who loves to fish, jump waves, kayaks, paddle boards, and any other water activity, you need to buy this life-saving device.

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