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Gone are the days where axes were heavy and bulk. Along with the development of technology, more impressive axes have come to the market. KLAX can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. This axe has specifically been designed for the individuals who are looking forward to carry an ax along with them, but don’t want to deal with the frustration associated with its weight. This is more of a handheld axe, which doesn’t weight too much. It has been provided with an array of utility features in order to impress the users.

KLAX can be considered as a multi-tool axe. That’s because it comes along with seven different tools, which a person would need throughout the year. The best thing about KLAX is that all the 7 tools that come with it can be used without a handle. If needed, it is possible for the users to make its own handle. In order to facilitate this, a small branch can be found in the field. KLAX is made out of high quality stainless steel and its durability is guaranteed. The patented clamping system that can be found in this axe is impressive as well. This axe is marked at a lower price tag as well and it is definitely a good option to go for this instead of purchasing few different tools from the market. It is a portable product that combines 7 useful tools that people need.

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