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Laundreez Portable Clothes Washer

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Stay clean on the road trip. The Laundreez portable clothes washer has you smelling fresh every day   you are on your holiday or road trip. No need to go looking for laundry services in strange towns, or piling up dirty clothes in your trunk.

Washing your dirty clothes is a simple 3 step operation. Soak, shake and rinse for a perfect wash. The portable washer is good for many of your softer and lighter fabrics like T-shirts and underwear. The robust waterproof material ensures your water does not leak, and will handle a vigorous wash quite well.

Laundreez portable clothes washer is one of those cool gadgets made of simplicity. You can use it as a washing tool, a bag and a water carrier. Value for money. It is compact enough to fit in small spaces in a packed trunk. If you need to pack away toiletries or wet washing after laundering, it will handle that too. Sheer versatility is the strong point of this useful tool.

By using the Laundreez portable clothes washer, you will also be doing cool stuff for the environment like saving water and electricity. You will be saving precious resources making the world a better place. The Laundreez is a pack for any person on the go.

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