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Light-Up LED Duffle

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The Bag to the Future, Light-Up LED Duffle like the name goes can really take you back to the future. In the sense, with its holistic styling and design, it is not your ordinary bag. When you want to get noticed in a crowd or stand out among your friends, then this bag is one of the cool things what you need. Read on in this review to find out if you really need this product or not in your wardrobe.

Features of the product

The Light-Up LED Duffle is a one room duffle that comes designed with reinforced stitching. The side panels and straps come with lots of space to store your items, which can include make up kit, your books, or even clothes. The main highlight of the duffle bag however, is the full internal LED illumination setup which is powered by three AA batteries.

The duffle bag comes with medium dimensions, a light up side panel, front zipper pocket, side zipper pockets, stash pocket, ergonomic & adjustable shoulder strap, comfortable hand strap, nylon zippers with metal hardware, large main inner compartment, inner zipper pocket, and made from 100% canvas cotton.

Lastly, the pricing which is reasonably at $90. For a bag that comes with so many features, including the LED lightings, you cannot blame the makers for pricing it at less than $100, which cannot be considered expensive for a bag of this nature. With several interesting features like the adjustable shoulder strap and light up side panel, it is a small price to pay.

check out for $119.99


  • The bag is lightweight.
  • It is extremely comfortable to wear.
  • You can keep several of your items inside as there is no shortage of space.
  • The batteries can last for long as consumption is low.
  • The bag is durable and does not get damaged easily.


It is fashionable and reasonable to wear to your office, party or just for a date. The occasion really does not matter to you because it can get you the attention which is the main reason women like to carry bags. Though some of you might feel the need for a Light-Up LED Duffle, is really not that necessary as it looks slightly different and unique.


When you want to feel noticed and special, then this bag can light up your day. It extraordinary looks and wholesome appearance can really bring in life to those around. You can carry it proudly with you to your office with matching clothes as it can get you all the attention you want. Priced at just $90, you couldn’t have asked for more.

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