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Light weight, super performance, worth the price!

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Garmin Fenix 2 performance Bundle, I bought this cool stuff watch here at Amazon for $249. 95. One of my friend had it and was very positive about its feedback. I was also seeking for such a watch and hence I ordered one for me. It’s been 3 months since I am using it and just the best watch at the given price.

Just like my friend said, it is very easy and fast to connect to ‘Garmin Connect’. It gives apt fitness information everyday which includes distance, pace, calories and speed (all the parameters which I wanted for during my fitness workout). This watch also has a close watch towards the heart beat and that’s the major feature which insisted on me to buy this watch.

check out for $249(You Save:$200.04)

It works normal as a watch, while other times you can switch on your GPS to perform other activities using the watch


You can fetch local maps, your fitness information, navigate to Geo cache and access social media. (You need to download Garmin connect mobile app in your mobile to connect the same).

It is also useful has an alarm clock as a cool gadgets and has a barometer compass too. This is the best time zone watch I ever came across. Only drawbacks I came across is the limited space Bluetooth connectivity, disconnecting mount is slow and the battery life is around 15 hours with effective usage which is pretty much less compared to other watches. Other than this everything is just perfect and makes it worth the price and usage.

Buy it if battery life is not an issue and requires all this parameters in your watch. You save $200 here, that’s the best price for this cool watch you can ever get.

check out for $249(You Save:$200.04)

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