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Log Liquor Dispenser

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If you are looking for a unique way to serve your favorite brand of liquor, go no further than the Log Liquor Dispenser. These unique dispensers provide you with a safe, fun, and decorative way of providing your brand of liquor to guests at parties, events, and gatherings.

The Log Liquor Dispenser is crafted from hardwood trees that grow in Ohio, so no two dispensers are alike. They are roughly 8” tall and range from 4” to 7” in diameter with a weight of about 6 pounds. These all-natural log dispensers are hand finished using a water-born clear finish that brings out the beauty in the wood.

You simply attach a bottle of your favorite liquor to the beverage-safe tubing connection at the top, then flip the dispenser over and you are ready to serve. The brass spout works with a water-tight connection so every drop will come through cleanly. The patent-pending seal will keep your liquor fresh just like it was capped. Plus, you can change out the bottle even if it is not empty and replace it with another easily.

Of course, the liquor is not included with your purchase, but you can choose from a wide range of bottle sizes. The dispenser makes for a great gift and is sure to spark plenty of conversation in your home. For those who want to serve their favorite liquors with style, the Log Liquor Dispenser is the perfect choice thanks to its unique appearance, easy use, and watertight seal that ensures fresh, smooth liquor that you can pour time and time again.

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