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Lumenplay app enabled lights

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Create a dazzling spectacle for any occasion with the brilliant features of the lumenplay app enabled Lights. Controlled through your smart device, these innovative LED lights give you command of several colors and a variety of stunning effects. Easy to set up and simple to operate, our interactive light strings allow complete customization of color, brightness, speed, and movement to provide you with an impressive and truly personalized light show.


Designed for heavy-duty use indoors or outdoors, the color changing  lights can be connected end-to-end with extension strings, making them perfect for any holiday display. Vibrant and versatile, install these lights anywhere in your home for a fun and festive symphony of color all year round.

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Bring your lights to life with Lumenplay app-enabled lights. Lumenplay enables smart control of lighting combining interactive, wireless control and social sharing to add fun and excitement to a home, commercial or retail space.

Color + Effects

Create unique designs through color. Choose from over 16 million colors, and save them for later in the custom color palette. Put your color palette in motion with a carousel of effects. Once you’ve found the perfect effect, speed it up, slow it down or change the direction.


Lumenplay doesn’t pre-bag a few songs, instead you select from your music, set it to the colors you choose, and a custom light show is created.


The Lumenplay collection of starter and extender sets are designed to work together: daisy chain extenders onto a starter, or create multiple objects using multiple starters. It’s easy to add more light sets at any time and control them all individually or simultaneously.


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