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MacBook Keyboard Decal Kit

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For those who enjoy placing decals on their MacBook keyboard to personalize their property, this high quality kit will provide you with years of enjoyment. Created from high quality imported vinyl materials, the MacBook Keyboard Decal Kit offers so many different designs to customize whatever you want.

This decal kits offers many different designs on super-thin, durable, scratch resistant vinyl. The ultra-high printing quality combined with the precision cut brings out the full detail in every design. For decals, there is no higher standard. Plus, they are oil and water-proof and will hold up under temperature and humidity changes.

Easy Removal: The high quality vinyl material used for the decals is very strong, but easy to remove once you want to replace them.

Harmless: The substance used to keep the decals in place does not harm the surface of the device, item, or product where it is placed. This means you can feel confident in placing the decals on the surface of your property without fear of doing damage.

No Residue: When you decide to remove the decal it will not leave behind any residue so you can place another on top or just leave it clean.

check out for $24.00

The MacBook Keyboard Decal Kit offers a safe, fun way to personalize your property all for a low, affordable price. The sheer fun of being able to decorate using this decal kit will provide many hours of enjoyment. Plus, it’s a snap to remove when you are ready to change them out. Go ahead and order them today to personalize your property.

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