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Marine Wrist Balloon Launcher

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Looking for something to increase your dose of fun when the weather is hot? A slingshot for balloons can be just perfect. You can make them water balloons, if you are in the mood for a splash, or you can have simple balloons, to enjoy during picnics and outdoor activities. Why struggle to throw balloons with your bare hands when you can use the Marine Wrist Balloon Launcher to do the job for you? It will manage to cover long distances, making the play with balloons even more fun. You may have a friend or two that usually escape being hit by a water balloon. But with the help of this specially designed slingshot, they will be soaked wet.

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To use it, all you have to do is to position the balloon and pull back. In the following second, your balloon will fly high through the air. The Marine Wrist Balloon Launcher comes as a complete kit, containing not only the device but also 72 balloons, a tying tool and filling nozzle. Because the manufacturer cares about the environment, all balloons you receive are biodegradable. So don’t worry if you have a missing balloon or can’t find all the pieces from a broken balloon because they will not harm the environment. And, if you are not that skilled with tying up balloons, the tool offered for this purpose will help you tie your balloons in seconds. You entertainment counts the most, this is why the Launcher comes as a complete kit, so you can use it immediately, without the care of something missing from your fun activity.

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