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Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore

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Minecraft is the newest game that has been a fascination for gamers nowadays. It’s absolutely an amazing game with graphics that are not really considered as superior but the truth is once you start getting the hang of the game you would be dreaming in pixels. Inspired by Minecraft and developed by ThinkGeek the Light-Up Redstone Ore is something that Minecraft fanatic simply cannot avoid! This product essentially transforms your game playing experience into a reality that you could have never imagined.

Product Specification:

The Redstone Ore works quite easily by tapping it a single time the light turns on which is low whereas when you tap it the second and third the light will be relatively higher. The light adjustment is actually a pretty good feature for all the Minecrafters out there as it gives them the option to adjust according to their personal desire. And once you start collecting the ores maybe you can recreate minecraft in real life!

It follows a dimension of 3*3*3 and if you are wondering what is the source of the light then let us tell you firstly that the quality of light is pretty good and trustworthy (won’t fuse out suddenly).  Secondly inside the body of the Ore ThinkGeek has installed LEDs which can be activated by a simple touch. Moving on the body of the product is made up of ABS plastic which makes it durable as well. My favorite feature is its light weight of only 6 ounces which means you can easily carry it around.

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