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Mini Desktop Cannon Pocket Artillery

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Mini desktop cannon pocket artillery paperweight is a beautifully manufactured show piece item made of high-quality metals. The lustrous cannon gives a premium feel to the desktop. The barrel of the cannon is made of 304 grade Stainless Steels which promises never to lose its lustre and it never rusts or corrodes. The base of the cannon is made of Brite anodized 6061 grade Aluminum. The other components are made from high-quality brass.

The cannon is CNC machined which gives it a great surface finish and makes it uniformly shiny and lustrous throughout.  The adjustable pitch for the barrel, though, has no operational obligations but it adds to the features of the paperweight. You can use it to show your mood to the people or peers working with you. The desktop mini cannon has a bore Dia of .179” and is precise enough to appeal the user. The cannon is a symbol of strong character and makes for an exceptional accessory on display.

Every small thing describes the personality and various details about the person. Having premium stuff on your desk shows you like the quality and love the beauty and imagination. Having a lustrous paper weight on your desk signifies your zeal and appeal. Paperweights are essential working table equipment which is used to prevent the sheets of papers from getting disturbed under influence of air or wind. If you love cannons or simply are a fan of good quality products, you are the person for whom the mini desktop brass cannon are manufactured.

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