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Miniature Ballista Kit

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Did you know that you can recreate the history of the Roman Empire right at your home? This is quite possible with the Miniature Ballista Kit. This wooden desktop warfare ballista is your ultimate partner to building artillery weapon of the Roman Empire.

With this kit, you can excitingly explore the world of ancient artillery. You will have the same experience the ancient Roman Empire fighters had.

The Miniature Ballista Kit has in it 28 pieces that you will need for you to build your artillery. The 28 pieces have easy-to-follow instructions for you to make your weapon. It is quite easy that even children can make the weapon on their own.

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What’s amazing about the Miniature Ballista Kit is:

  • Fires over 30 feet: the miniature ballista kit is powered by a twisted high strength cord which allows it to fire over 30 feet. This will certainly make your firing experience awesome.
  • Desktop size: its 8” l x 6” w x 6” h makes it a perfect desktop weapon. You can easily mount it on top of a table.
  • Contains ammo: as part of the package, there are ammo included in this kit. This makes it easy for you to start enjoying your shooting experience shortly after assembling the parts.
  • Easy to assemble: the instructions are given and are quite easy for anyone to follow. These instructions can be followed by kids with minimal assistance from parents.

Make the Miniature Ballista Kit your artillery partner to enjoy the ultimate artillery weapon experience of the Roman Empire.

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