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Modul Air Inflatable Sofa set by Pigro Feliz

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Summer is here! It is the time to outside ad relaxes by the pool to enjoy the warm sun. The Modul Air inflatable sofa is a double or lounger or sofa can be used for both indoor and outdoor or wherever you want to share the fun and relaxation. It is a 2 in 1 inflatable sofa which can transform into double sofa which makes it as ideal furniture to socialize with friends and family.

The Modul Air by Pigro Felice is made of unique PVC which is Phthalates free that is different from other PVC products available in the market. Since this product is phthalates free PVC; this product is safe for children, the skin, and also skin carcinogenic. In addition, it also features slip resistant as it made of smooth fabric. The sofa consists of four base parts, two pillows, and the backrest part. In addition, the sofa also includes built in magnets and also strap connectors which make this product compatible with other Pigro Felice furniture.

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Since the sofa consists of four main parts; it can be used by connecting to other Modul Air products or use it on its own. It is great furniture to socialize with friends and family in the pool. However, even though it is originally advertised as a pool couch or sofa; many people also use it for indoor place such as couch for multimedia room and the like.

This cool stuff is only weigh for about 10.3 lbs. You will need electrical pump air and magnetic cups which is separately sold. Due to the size, it is very easy to move around and also easy to assembly. So, if you want to use it for both indoor and outdoor; there is not much big deal.

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