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Money Maze Bank

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If you love solving puzzles, the Money Maze Bank will satisfy your need to have fun and challenge your brain at the same time. This is a tridimensional puzzle you can enjoy anytime you like, because it is extremely easy to use and can chase away boredom. How does it work? Just place a bill inside and lock the puzzle. When you do this, a small marble will be positioned at the start of the maze. The trick is that you won’t be able to get the money out, because the case will not open, unless you get the marble to the end of the track. You can do this by slowly directing the marble through the maze, until it reaches the end and pushes the lever that blocks the case. It is an activity that will definitely keep you busy and challenge your skills as well.

You can get the Money Maze Bank for yourself or you can offer it as a fun gift. There is a puzzle on each side of the case so it will be hard to get bored with this interesting money bank. But, do have in mind that it comes with a false banknote inside, with decorative purpose, in case you decide to offer it as gift. The maze is made to offer a challenge to anyone that uses it, so it won’t be that easy to solve the puzzle, especially if the recipient of such a gift is not experienced in solving puzzles. But it is still fun to use it.

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