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Moon Shiner Solar Powered Lid

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A unique idea for lighting your garden is the Moon Shiner Solar Powered Lid. These lids fit on your standard mason jars. Mason jars have multiple functions and are being used for everything from food, to craft projects, and even decorative homeware products. These lids have a black circular solar panel that fits into the circular mason jar lid. Built within are tiny blue panels to collect sunlight. There is also a lightbulb.

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Your mason jar lid collects solar power during the day. You can keep it unscrewed from the jar or you can screw it to the mason jar and set it in your preferred spot to lighten your outdoor space.

When it’s fully charged, your light will shine down into the jar to light up the surface. The glass of the jar has a great magnifying effect which spreads the light out beyond the jar. For such a tiny device, it packs a lot of power. The light is a cool blue color, but just think of the possibilities. It lights up automatically at night, and turns off by day.

You can fill your mason jar with liquid, colored marbles and gems, and many other objects. These solar lights are water resistant, so you can use them outdoors. If water does seep into the container, you can easily remove the lid and dry them off. You can have a lot of fun with your solar powered light indoors or out.



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