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Morninghead Bed Head Cure

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If you are not happy with the sight of your hair after sleeping, taking a nap, or wearing a hat, then the Morninghead Bed Head Cure is just for you. This product is perfect for those who need to look their best shortly after waking up from a nap or taking off their cap. It’s simple to use, affordable, reusable, and you can take it with you so that you always look your best.

How It Works

The Morninghead Bed Head Cure appears at first to be a shower cap, but it is crafted from tough polyethylene materials and is extra absorbent on the inside of the hat. Just put water inside the cap, place it on your head and in seconds your hair is instantly wet. You can now style your hair the way you want which gets rid of the dreaded “bed head” look.

The cap itself is not only reusable, but washable and will last for a long time under normal use conditions. The main advantage of the cap is that it gets the hair thoroughly wet without the use of excess water. Be sure to let it dry properly so that mold does not have a chance to get inside.

Although seemingly a gag gift for those who may frequently be seen with bed hair, Morninghead is a very good product that works at home or when you are on the road. All you need is a faucet to wet the inside of the cap and it works in seconds. It’s tough enough to wring out once you are through and it can be used again. This is a great product for anyone who needs to style their bed hair.

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