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New Metal Cigarette

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Tired of boring-looking lighters? Looking for something more fun and interesting? Look no more! OFTEN New Metal Cigarette Shaped Refillable Butane Gas Flame Cigarette/Cigar Lighter is the lighter for you!

What makes this lighter unique?


It is shaped to look like a cigarette, which not only makes it a non-redundant and innovative design but also makes it convenient to carry around with you. You can keep it right inside your cigarette packs! No more fumbling around looking for an appropriate place to keep your lighter. Simply place it in your cigarette pack and when you take out your cigarette your lighter will be right there waiting to be used. Simple and accessible

check out for $5.32

How does it work and what are the lighter’s features?OFTEN New Metal Cigarette3

If the unique design and handiness of the product wasn’t enough to convince you t get to this lighter the amazing features of the product will! It is made of a durable material ensuring it’ll last you a long time, so buying this lighter once is an investment, and its cheap price makes it a bargain! Furthermore, it’s refillable and that too by regular butane gas. No need to throw it away after the gas has ended and no extra expense in terms of using some special gas either! Because we care about safety we ship the lighter without any gas so make sure to fill it up and then feel free to enjoy all of its convenience and benefits!

Dimension: Approximately 85 x 8mm

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