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Insect Killer and LED Garden Lamp

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The sounds of rain, snow, thunderstorms are back after a long time and also got mosquitoes, bugs and insects with it. So it’s the correct time to talk about the powered UV bug zapper which allows you to enjoy a quiet evening coffee out on your deck.81yFn8WAszL._SL1500_

NK63 Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper, Insect Killer and LED Garden Lamp is a protective plastic or grounded metal cage considered as a mosquito control equipment, designed with an ultraviolet emitting light bulb which emits carbon dioxide , attracting insects into a high voltage electrical wire mesh grid where the bugs are electrocuted. It has 8 LED bulbs providing illumination for the garden, patio or walkway, working in a range up to 3000 sq feet. It also has a solar panel with UL charger which conducts solar energy from the sun. Apart from your house deck, it is also beneficial to use it in your tent while camping.

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The UV lights are easily able to capture the insects, as the flower patterns to which the insects are attracted to, are formed by these lights. Since it has a low wattage output, the bulb will last a good long while for around 10.000 hours and you won’t notice a hike in your power bill. It is recommended not to hang it too close to the cooking areas or where people are sitting as the smell of both cooked bugs and the chemicals used in it can be nauseating. It is also advisable to clean the zapper with a brush once in a week to get the debris out of it.

This product is held as a perfect combination of bug/insect zapper and led light. There have been abundant positive reviews about the product, as the product works perfectly the same as described.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this cool Gadgets soon and provide a nice comfortable area without constantly slapping yourself.

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