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Novelty Saxophone

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Are you looking for the best gift to give to your loved one or friend? Well, in case your friend or loved one is a music lover and at the same time a smoke fanatic, then why not give her or him this novelty saxophone. This will surely make her or his day complete. This novelty saxophone looks very cute, well made heavy metal novelty.  It is genuine saxophone interior and is completely functional. This novelty saxophone has its own built-in screen to get little bits of pipe tobacco. This a remarkable gift for smokers as well as an exciting item for your collection.  
This novelty saxophone measures 5 x 2.4 x 1 inches with sixteen ounces of weight.

Pros and Cons Novelty Saxophone

Like any products available out there, novelty saxophone also comes with pros and cons.


  • The novelty saxophone is made of high quality materials. This will assure you years of using.
  • This state of the art sax is so easy to use right from the box
  • It comes with saxophone-like experience
  • This is easy to carry anywhere you want to go
  • Easy to store, it comes with the box for easy and fast storing


Despite of the many benefits this novelty saxophone offers it also comes with some drawback such as:

  • Very expensive
  • It doesn’t come with extra pipe

Reviews and Conclusion

Novelty saxophone gets lots of positive reviews amongst users. This only shows how reliable and amazing this product is. Try it to get to know by yourself.

check out for $15.95

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