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Offensive Business Cards

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Jokes are meant to be passed around.  Often times a joke can be quite innocent, other times, it is more risqué. But if it is done with good intentions, then it is ok. More important, jokes are meant to improve your overall mood. It is something that you find funny, and in the result, other people find funny too. And if you happen to have a very sarcastic, ironic type of humor, these offensive business cards are just for the jokester in you. These practical cards are meant to be a parody of the traditional, boring, and corporate-friendly business cards we are all accustomed to. By giving a funny spin to it, it has evolved into a form of expression of our dark humor. It features eight types of insults, each and every one of them different from the other, with inscriptions such as: You smell- You suck at parking—Your tattoos are dumb- Your service is terrible (for waiters) – Santa isn’t real- You are ugly – You are an idiot – Stop being a sissy bitch. Each one of these templates is split up evenly over 100 cards total, so you don’t run out of cards to give to those you think deserve it. It is always important to say what you truly want to say, and sometimes those things do not come up naturally. So what better way than say them in a classy, yet direct way, that is self-amusing and at the same time a great way to speak your mind.

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