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Orange Chef Prep-Pad Food Scale

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The orange chef prep-pad is handy piece of equipment for the nutrition enthusiasts who like to keep track of what they are putting in their system. Prep pad also keeps an eye on your daily nutrition by categorizing everything into ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This smart food scale requires the user to synchronize the device with an iOS application. In addition to the breakdown of nutrition into vitamins and minerals it helps you identify ways to make your meals healthier and more well-balanced. Let’s walk you through the features this product has to offer:

Exact Measurement of Food – The Prep Pad can weigh up to 15 lbs of food and provides you with a discrete breakdown of your routine food into essential nutrients.

User Friendly Interface – The equipment comes with super easy tools; you can document your food preparation and take photos of it. The result comes in with colorful, easy to read charts which help you to easily visualize your nutritional breakdown.

Countertop Application – This smart scale uses Smart Bluetooth to connect with you iPhone or iPad which requires a free Countertop application. All you have to do is put the food on the scale and scan the item in the database of more than 350,000 food items.

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The Orange Chef Prep Pad- Smart Food Scale, Silver2_

Easy to Sanitize – It’s made of aluminum with completely nonporous recycled paper top surface.

If you are willing to be more concerned about your food then Prep Pad is your wake up call. The nutritional breakdown is very easy to grasp and if surely makes you rethink most of your food choices.



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