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Paint2lt Pro

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Are you sick of that common problem among drawers of your paint spilling from your palette? We have to worry about things we can handle, fortunately, this is a problem we can face.

Drawers never thought this product will exist, but it exists and is here to make your life easier and cleaner.

The new Paint2lt Pro is an anti-gravity paint tray palette like no other. What makes this tray palette so successful are its innovative features like:

  • Its anti-gravity property gives a solid tool to prevent spills, drips and prevent the mess that comes with painting instantly.
  • It will prevent you to do a mess, thanks for its innovative design that ensure a zero spills surface, it doesn’t matter how, where or when you hold it.
  • It’s also a flexible product to all painters, having 4 quick holes to attach another kind of accessories to it.
  • Sometimes the worst part of being a painter is the mess you left behind after every project.
  • Make the painting activity a hassle-free task and say goodbye to the mess done my paint.
  • Sizes? Paint2lt Pro has an adjustable strap which fits in every hand, from small to bigger hands.
  • Carry up to 12oz of paint and capacity to holds up to 6 colors at the same time without bleeding into each other.

check out for $17.99 

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