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Party Shark Costume

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During the Super Bowl 49 Half Time Show, millions tuned in to watch Katy Perry take to the stage, but in the end, it was a man in a shark costume that ended up stealing the show. With his out-of-sync dance moves and awkward actions, the Left Shark became a viral sensation. Now, you can steal the spotlight for yourself and be the big hit of the Halloween party or costume contest with the RootSuit Party Shark Costume!

Patterned after the costume worn by the infamous Left Shark, the RootSuit Party Shark Costume is a hilarious costume that’s perfect for women and for men. The costume features eyes and black gill markings on the sides of the head and two floppy flippers that completely cover your hands. The jaw opening lets you easily see out of the front of the costume for safety and lets air in so you can comfortably breathe. A one-piece design, the costume is finished with pants and has a fin and a brown stripe in the back. Finish off the costume with your favorite pair of sandals, and you’ll have one super outfit for any occasion!

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The RootSuit Party Shark Costume is made from high quality materials, so you can wear it multiple times without it showing signs of wear and tear. Not just for Left Shark wannabes, this costume could also be used for theatrical performances, corporate promotions and cosplay. The costume is one size fits most and should fit nearly all adults and teens.



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