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Pop up Power Socket Outlet

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Looking to have a pristine kitchen, devoid of wires everywhere? The Tensile Type Pop up Power Desktop is exactly what you need, to cater to your dynamic power requirements. The well-built and sturdy unit can be attached to any table or flat surface. A neat addition to the kitchen, and people are more likely to view it as a cup holder, before you surprise them! The advantages are:

  • You can simply pull out how many ever sockets you need at any given time
  • Charge phones & laptops directly with the USB ports
  • No need for multiple wall sockets that clutter the kitchen area

Once you are done, you can simple push it down into the surface. An elegant solution to not only put sockets out of site but to protect children in the kitchen too. You can cook with your children around the kitchen counter with ease with this tidy and efficient design. Sockets next to the kitchen can never get messy again when you use the Pop up power desktop. Create a kitchen with a clean and minimalistic design by using this device. All you need to do is drill a hole about 2.95 inches on the counter to place this device.

No more freak accidents that result in you cleaning the carrot juice out of the power sockets all day. Cut down on the labour costs of having to install multiple sockets at multiple locations. All you have to do is pull up this device plug in your phone, grinder or whatever device you have and simply push it in after use.

check out for $109

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