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Queening Chair

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Female domination is one of the most popular sexual fantasies among men and women who live out there in the world. The queening chair has specifically been designed for the use of individuals who want to practice it. This chair is entirely made by hand. As a result, special attention has been paid towards every little aspect of it. On the other hand, people who purchase the chair can use it in different ways to have fun along with intimate pleasure. The dimensions of this stool are compact, which measures 17 inches in width, 16 inches in depth and 15 inches in height. In other words, this chair is high as much as a coffee table. Therefore, it is an ideal product available for the individuals who want to practice femdom at home and take their sexual satisfaction to a whole new level.

The Queening Chair facilitates face sitting for extended time duration. A variety of changes have been done to the original product in order to enhance the sturdiness. The stool would never collapse and the users don’t need to worry about anything while using it. Even though the concept of female domination is not new to the world, the queening stools are something new. The popularity of these stools are increasing as more and more people become aware of how to use it in order to enhance sexual satisfaction. Therefore, any couple who is looking forward to enjoy the pleasure associated with female domination can think of purchasing it.

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