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Revolution Platform

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Levitation is probably still the most amazing and fascinating! It’s magic, science and just something that catches the fancy of everyone. What if you can bring this magic and amazement home?

The Levitron Revolution Platform, by Fascinations, is a unique collector’s item that will bring in a unique power and magic into your home space. It has an advanced EZ Float Technology that beautifully levitates and marvels one and all. The complete kit comes with a high quality magnetic hover disc that has the power to hold up to 13 oz. in midair. It has 4 striking LED’s spotlight to add to the marvel and beauty of this magic kit! Whatever object you levitate will continue to revolve in midair adding to the amazement and fascination of onlookers. This can be the most unique item in your home and be the real center of attraction. It’s a wonderful mix of technology with science and of course magic.

It comes with an easy to read and understand manual and a 120V AC adapter. If you want this unique levitron revolution platform to enhance the uniqueness of your home, grab it today! It’s definitely something beyond imagination and something you will always be proud of.

check out for $43.99

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