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Saber Shaped Space Keys

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Do you want some unique, interesting and exciting keys that will be easy to find in your pocket? Are you a fan of Star Wars and want some keys to go with your passion? Here you have the Set of 4 Saber Shaped Space Keys, which are designed in order to offer you all of that and so much more in one refined and truly exciting package.

The Set of 4 Saber Shaped Space Keys is very interesting and you can easily purchase it then go to the local locksmith in order to make a duplicate for your keys. It works with every type of key, you can even use these as a car key if you want and the paint will not be chipped at all which makes the keys very durable and certainly one of a kind.

They are 80mm long so there’s a lot of material to be shaped as you desire. They come in multiple colors too so you can choose your allegiance without a problem. The bass core has a clear coat finish that shines and protects the key, so the end result is more than impressive.

check out for $20.58

Set of 4 Saber Shaped Space KeysTM2_

The package is certainly one of the best in the business and the fact that you can easily modify these to suit your needs is more than impressive. These keys are outstanding and very interesting so if you really want some Star Wars flavor we recommend you to check them out right now, they come at a special price!

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