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Sensitive Plant-100 Seeds

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The curious case of the Mimosa Pudica is of a plant that has captured the imagination and love of our inner-childhood for centuries around the globe.  This is no ordinary plant.  When its leaves are brushed, they actually move and react in response with a cascading collapsing effect.

It was first discovered by Robert Hooke. He originally thought that the Mimosa Pudica shared a nervous system with animals and could detect feelings of touch in the same way.  After further investigation, it was learned that the plant actually moves through water stored in its cells.  The response is controlled completely through chemical signals up through the stem when disturbed.

The plant has this rapid chain reaction to protect itself from foraging animals, as a sort of evasion maneuver or to startle from its unusual movement.

Grab a pack of seeds from Seed Needs to experience this wonderful plant for yourself.  They’re very easy to grow and take care of as annuals.  They can grow up to two feet tall and replenish their leaves every winter’s frost.  Non-GMO seeds are strong and carry the best traits of color and health.

They make for a great gift for stocking stuffers, wedding showers, house warming presents, and budding gardeners and more experienced gardeners who are looking for something new and interesting to add to their gardens.

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