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Shittens Disposable Mitten-shaped Moist Wipes

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Shittens Disposable Mitten-shaped Moist Wipes have been created for a very simple purpose, to get rid of the poop from your hands. It could be your baby’s poor, or your pet dog or cat’s poop. Whatever it is, you have to get rid of it, and these disposable moist wipes from Shittens help you do that.

Yes, we realize how uncomfortable idea of clearing poop can make you at times, although you are only clearing your baby’s leftovers. You’ve probably tried the traditional wet wipes and had them flying off into the wind just when you’re in the middle of the act. Imagine that hitting someone in the hallway in the face! The thought of that must make you cringe, doesn’t it?

Yes, you’ve had it with the low quality wet wipes and don’t want to use them to clean your little one’s posterior. Contaminated wet wipes are among the biggest causes of illnesses in small children. You wouldn’t want to take that risk with your little one, would you?

Shittens Disposable Mitten-shaped Moist Wipes come in a pack of 20 wet wipes. They have been created by Richie Wilson, and were introduced on the famous Howard Stern show.

These are disposable moist wipes, and mitten-shaped. They are safe and made from FDA approved material. They are perfectly safe for safe for babies, pets and even for adults. They are a very innovative way to wipe poop and cost only $21.49. We have no doubt that you will like them.

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